jem technical fluid power application valve and control designer and manufacturer

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What types of custom products can you help design and build?

Our focus is on Custom Valve solutions, including manifold assemblies (HIC), power units, custom cartridge and inline valve designs, hydraulic generators, and electro-hydraulic controls.

2. We have an idea for a product we need, but it is not fully designed. Can you help finalize our plans?

Yes, we have a team of engineers and designers (as well as design software) who will review, audit, and make recommendations on any incoming new designs. We’re happy to work with you to finalize plans for your engineered solution.

3. Do you offer supplier-managed inventory or vendor-managed inventory?

Yes, we are happy to help our customers manage their inventory by monitoring quantities and delivering shipments when they are needed. This alleviates our customers’ strain of housing extra inventory on-site, and worrying about whether it’s time to place another order.

4. Is your equipment able to continue working after-hours?

Yes, our headquarters located in Orono, MN runs automated equipment, which has the capability to keep the work going even after lights out. This shortens manufacturing time and lowers final costs.

5. How big is your operation?

Our Operations in the US and JEM Technical Canada Ltd, employs 125+ people on staff, and serves companies throughout the United States and Canada. We produce over 150,000 items a year.

6. How quickly can you fulfill an order if it’s an emergency?

Depending on the item, we may have it in stock. Please contact us to inquire about our on-site inventory. We will ship items overnight or same-day air when needed.

7. How do I set up an ongoing, regular order schedule?

Our sales team will be happy to speak with you about your fluid product needs, and establish ongoing order schedules that will fit your company.