We provide general-purpose programmable controllers that can be used as stand-alone controllers or integrated with other CAN networked devices to handle all machine inputs, outputs, and communication interfaces. Configured with CODESYS software, these controllers are designed for the environmental demands of mobile equipment where ingress and shock/vibration protection are required.

These can be used together with our touch-screen displays and other operator interfaces and controls to build a total control system. The highly configurable I/O supported by these controllers, allow for a wide range of input and output signals to be utilized. The configurable outputs found on many of our devices allow for precise valve control using open-loop or closed-loop current-controlled PWM signals.


Compact mobile rated controllers for the harshest, most rugged conditions and environments. These devices come in a wide range of processing, communication and I/O capabilities to meet even the harshest conditions and extreme environments.

Displays, instrument clusters, gauges and controllers

CANBUS controllers, sensors, displays, telematics

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