Custom Hydraulic Valve Manifolds

Custom Hydraulic Valve Manifolds

JEM Technical is not only a systems integrator of hydraulic valves and controls, but also a world-class manufacturer of custom valve assembly blocks.

With many sophisticated machining and milling equipment on site, JEM can offer custom valve assemblies in various materials and configurations to meet your specific needs.

Our custom manifolds are tailor-made for ease of installation, size, weight and performance.

  • Full in-house machining operations in control of process and lead times.
  • On site assembly and testing for control of quality and lead times
  • Variety of valve block materials to choose from
  • In stock cartridge vales, solenoids, and controls

Cartridge Valves

  • Cartridge valves allow for endless circuit opportunities, provide flexibility and can be installed into a line body, cylinder, pump or motor. JEM Technical maintains a large selection of valves representing the industry leaders in product, quality and performance.


JEM Technical offers custom designed hydraulic valve manifolds to meet your exact equipment needs. With a variety of block materials to chose from, valves from world-class manufacturers, and numerous configurations, the possibilites are endless. Give us a call today to start your custom valve manifold project.  

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